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Next Generation Expense Management

Take a photo of your receipt, the data will be created by AI and will be transfered to your accounting systems with one click! 

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 3-Step Employee Expense Management with Masraff

Automatic and Fast Expense Entry

AI will process the picture of the expense instead of the employee. Automatic expense forms will be created and send to the approval.

Easy Approval Flow From Mobile

Through the mobile app, executives are able to approve the expense form from anywhere, so the payments will be on time.

Ready-to-Use Integrations

Expenses approved by the accounting will be transfered to the accounting system with the current incomes and account identifications.

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Digitalize Expense Management with AI

Masraff ‘s artificial intelligence algorithms allow employees and accounting teams to focus on their business rather than wasting time entering data. This allows you to monitor your company’s expense budget with real-time reports, while providing 87% efficiency in your digitalized expense processes.

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Top-Tier Security Certificates

Masraff has successfully passed penetration and security tests such as ISO/IEC 270001, PCI DSS v3.2, OWASP Top 10 and WASC(Web Application Security Consortium).


One-Click Transfer To All Accounting Systems

SAP ERP & Business One

Masraff has fully integrated adapters for SAP systems

Logo Tiger & GO3

All your data is ready-to-go with adapters designed specifically for Logo.

Mikro & MikroX

All your data is ready-to-go with adapters designed by Mikro Software

Other Integrations

Mikro, Luca, Link, Zirve, Orka and many more…

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“As someone who’s into the technology and founder of TRAI – AI Initiative we wouldn’t associate us with doing expense reporting with rudimentry ways. While doing our research on AI, we met with Masraff and it was love at first sight. With Masraff’s solution, our expense management has been improved; we came together with efficiency, ease and real-time management.”

Halil Aksu

Gelecekhane Founder and CEO

“In the 21st century, the fact that companies occupy the valuable human resources with the classification of paper documents is seriously harmful for both their teams and nature. Thanks to Masraff, the disappearance and digitization of a process, that has progressed in the same way almost all over the world, have improved our business extremely. This is a development and we are proud of the Turkish entrepreneurship thanks to Masraff.”

Fatih İşbecer

CommencIs ChaIrman

 “With Masraff, we have digitalized another process of ours. Through the expense approval mechanism and reporting features, not only we have become more efficient, but also we have accelerated and we are able to make truer financial decisions.”

Ömer Atakoğlu

Bidolubaskı CO-FOUNDER

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