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Automatic Expense Data Entry

Masraff ‘s artificial intelligence algorithms transfer the data on the voucher and invoice into your system in seconds.

Custom Form Structures

Build up your special approval mechanisms whether it’s for expense or other processes.

ERP System Integrations

With more than 15 ERP and accounting system ready-to-go integration adapters, you can complete your process with one click of a button.

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Why are customers choosing us?

Masraff has been prefered by more than 75 companies and 10.000 people on since its first year. If you’re looking for a solution partner, meet with a team that will be on your side anytime!

Integrated Systems

Have your integrated systems ready from day one, through more than 15 ERP and accounting system adapters.

Company Policy Check

Build up your special approval mechanisms whether it’s for expense or other processes.

Real-Time Data

Track all of your data, regarding user, department, area or spending type, using instant reports from the moment of expense’s picture has been taken.

World Currencies

Wherever you do business in the World, Masraff is by your side. With Central Bank’s integration, you can work with any currency.

What is the benefit for your company?

From the CEO to the sales team, CFO to the accounting and finance team to improve the efficiency of everyone’s agenda Masraff Provides a 87% improvement in your expense management process.


Track your company momentarily and take control of your cash flow by reviewing internal reports regularly! Easily analyse all costs to find cost reduction opportunities.


Keep track of the costs of employees connected to you from one platform, don’t wait for approval forms on your desk. Easily approve and control costs, whether from mobile or web screens.

Finance & Accounting

Follow all the expenses from your employees from a single platform, don’t make the approval forms wait on your desk. You can approve and control all the expenses from mobile or web displays.

Sales Forces

No more adding accounting and VAT account codes one by one for every expense registry. Transfer all the monthly expenses to your system with one click.

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Masraff to disseminate within the company, make available to all employees after an online or office information meeting.

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