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Integrations – FAQ

The answers to all of your questions may not be here, please contact us to ask all your questions.

In general, how the integrations are working?

In complience with how your accounting system works, the data recieved from Masraff will flow through your accounting system as accounting and VAT account codes specified with respected current information. You only have to control to recognition.

The accounting software that we use is not listed in here. How can we integrate to Masraff?

Through the REST APIs of Masraff, you can recieve all the data in the format of your choosing. Also, we gladly make new adapter updates happen as the related system’s infrastructure is suitable and in line with demand from our customers.

Do you provide support after starting to use the adapters?

Our support team is available all day during the working hours. You can get technical support using phone, e-mail or the live chat button on our website.

Will we be paying any fee to recieve support for the adapters?

Our adapters’ usage is easy and we have taken precautions for you, our customers, to run into minimum numbers of error as possible. That’s why, in whole duration the support you’ll recieve from our technical support or related software expert will be free of charge.

Be our solution partner for integrations!

The point we care the most is the data flow to the accounting and ERP systems, the most important part of expense processes. This is why partnership and feedback is so valueable to us.

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